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HiTexter creates texts.
Our authors are experts in many fields. Technical texts about websites and startups, about modern goods and services; health and pharmacology, entertainment, gambling and sporting events – we can write about it.
Variety of press releases
Our specialists will write an effective press release for your product that will work. You can order several texts at once and therefore raise your future PR campaign.
You have a draft, text or idea? You can order selling texts for your products and services. Our authors know how to create a text that will captivate the reader. Order a dozen at once for a dozen of blogs and a dozen more for your websites!
We will check your text for actual, syntax and other errors. Our professionals will provide formulations and approaches that will help you reach goals more efficiently.
Reviews for your online goods
Order several reviews for your websites and online services at once, get many texts of various styles describing your subject from different points of view.